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« A woman's sense of smell is most sensitive during ovulation. »
Generic Allegra 30/120/180mg
   Allegra, Fexogra, Galegra
Product Information   

Availability: in stock

Generic Name: Fexofenadine Hcl

Similar Brands: Allegra

Manufacturers: Aventis, Galpha, Hab Pharma


Package: pills

Strength: 30/120/180mg

Shipping: FREE

       Allegra, Fexogra, Galegra (Generic Allegra) 30/120/180mg

Generic Allegra 30mg
PackagePer PillPriceOrder
    30mg × 30 $1.25$37.36
    30mg × 60 $0.85$51.08
    30mg × 90 $0.83$75.09
    30mg × 120 $0.77$92.24
    30mg × 180 $0.66$119.68

Generic Allegra 120mg
PackagePer PillPriceOrder
    120mg × 30 $1.47$44.22
    120mg × 60 $1.25$75.09
    120mg × 90 $1.18$105.96
    120mg × 120 $1.11$133.40
    120mg × 180 $1.05$188.28

Generic Allegra 180mg
PackagePer PillPriceOrder
    180mg × 30 $1.70$51.08
    180mg × 60 $1.48$88.81
    180mg × 90 $1.41$126.54
    180mg × 120 $1.37$164.27

Generic Allegra images

Fexofenadine Hydrochloride tablet

In active state histamine increases in the organism and we start to sneeze, get watery eyes and runny nose and unpleasant itching. In the purposes of decrease of histamine's activity Allegra is used. Seasonal allergies and cases of urticarias and skin inching are cured by the drug.

The drug is available in the form of tablets that are taken with water; liquid drug that requires a jolt and an assessment before usage; orally disintegrating tablets that must be stored in a blister package before administration and taken no less than 1-2 hours before or after meal. The instruction on administration should be closely followed. Refrain from the following stuff taken simultaneously with the medicine: fruit juice, medications for allergy or common cold, antacids. It is important that your physician was made aware if you use ketoconazole or erythromycin.

Allergic response to any medications, disease of kidneys, pregnancy and period breast-feeding might be the conditions when Allegra is contraindicated.

For more copious information apply to the pharmacist; provided you suspect any signs of overdose or you feel no better, in case of getting an intolerance response to the drug consult your doctor immediately.

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